The SGGG software
has been designed
from the ground up
to meet the needs
of most hedge fund
managers, simply
and cost effectively.

About Us

SGGG Portfolio Systems was founded with the single vision of producing software to meet the needs of hedge fund managers simply and efficiently.

Commitment to quality and client service. Developing robust, flexible and efficient software requires a total commitment to quality. Full support involves providing clients with the right software and helping them to use it. We are focused on these objectives. We have only one product and we designed it from day one to do what it does.

Experienced people. Our product and development team has virtually unrivalled experience in creating successful financial applications. The system architecture has a unique combination of power and ease-of-use, which is a direct result of our in-depth knowledge of hedge fund management and technology.

The SGGG group provides software and administration services to over 200 alternative investment funds globally. The business has been built by focusing on providing clients with an exceptional level of experience, professionalism and availability.

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