The SGGG software
has been designed
from the ground up
to meet the needs
of most hedge fund managers, simply
and cost effectively.

Best Selling Software For Start-Up and Established Hedge Funds

The FUNDpliance system delivers real time order, portfolio and operations management tools to start-up and established hedge fund managers, in a single, highly cost-effective solution.

Be more effective

Accurate, real time portfolio analysis lets managers react faster and make better decisions. Teams work better when they share information and are aware of each others' actions.

Save time and hassle

Automating the trading and settlement process reduces paperwork and trade breaks. Hedge fund managers can devote their time to what they do best, instead of maintaining spreadsheets.

A simpler solution that does more

The FUNDpliance software was designed specifically to be simpler to use and easier to support than comparable systems. It does not require customization because it is configurable to meet the needs of different funds. It is available as an online service or as a pre-configured appliance – both products require minimal installation and no on-site support. It integrates with most existing systems to make implementation easy.